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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shaan calls Shah Rukh's film an 'Ocean's 12' rip-off

Pakistani film actor Shaan has criticised Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie, Happy New Year, calling it a rip-off of famous American comedy-heist film Ocean’s 12, the Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

“Happy New Year is what — Oceans 12? Let’s be honest. They have to realise that they don’t have any scripts anymore, whatever scripts they have, it starts to become an art film,” said Shaan speaking to Gulf News.
The actor who recently starred in Operation 021 is currently in Abu Dhabi for the International Showbiz Expo, where he is expected to discuss the growth and prospects of the Pakistani film industry.

He also added that Pakistan and India should work together to produce superior films.

“We actors don’t have to win votes, so we don’t have to belittle each other. Actors can still be friends. We can still make good films and go beyond boundaries. That will only happen if major stakeholders like Shah Rukh or Aamir will shoot a film in Pakistan,” said Shaan, who plans to do a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s much-admired film Arth.

Shaan has also been cast in two upcoming Pakistani films, Yalghaar and Gidh.

While in the UAE, the Pakistani actor is also expected to walk the Red Carpet at the opening night of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on Thursday.

Pakistan’s first spy thriller

Hats off to Zeba Bakhtiar and her son Azaan Sami Khan for producing Operation 021, a fast-paced action thriller, which gave the audience a glimpse of the sordid world of espionage and intrigue. Based on a screenplay by the Australian writer and director Summer Bodhi Nicks, places, periods and people are conjured up in depth and detail as the throbbing engine of the drama pulsates through closed rooms and open spaces at a fast pace. On closer examination, the film appears to be part documentary, complete with dates and timings, part adventure story with traitors and double agents; and part indictment of the greed of a superpower, whose operatives will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

The theme is quite simple. An Afghan national named Abdullah, played to perfection by the Baloch actor Ayub Khoso, whose left eye is  permanently closed, wants to save his country from continued strife after 30 years of war. To achieve his end, he works in collusion with a Pakistani patriot to save the two neighbouring countries from further turmoil. Their plan, which has to be completed within 21 hours, is full of peril. Failure would mean certain death for the two collaborators.

The plot revolves around possession of a microchip in which is stored information about the location of valuable minerals and three trillion dollars worth of deposits of lithium — the stuff that is used universally in cell phones. The bad guys are, of course, the CIA, represented by three men who report to a woman. The big question is: where is the chip, or rather, who the hell has the chip? Is it the Afghan Abdullah, who converses in Persian? Or one of the Pakistanis from across the border, who is also not afraid to sacrifice his life?

Shaan Shahid came across as his usual charismatic self. I was also impressed by the performances of Shamoon Abbasi and Aamna Shaikh. There was no overacting by any of the others, no unnecessary theatrics and none of the scenes were plugged into a barbecue pit of hot, sweaty emotion. The few brief glimpses of the beautiful Imaan Ali certainly made my day. To add a touch of authenticity, dialogues took place against a cluster of partisan rants in the background. All this was, of course, the good part. But, with no disrespect to Bakhtiar or her son, there were a few grey areas.

One of these was: too many scenes were shot in semi-darkness, and why did the director Jamshed Mahmood Raza, popularly known as Jami, and his co-director Summer Nicks, not throw in a few more lamps into that huge depressing room reeking of Stygian gloom where the local Afghan CIA operative who displayed a cynical philistine artiness held his meetings and conducted his interviews? I understand the place couldn’t possibly have looked like a suite at the Waldorf Astoria. But heck, all I am asking for is a little more illumination.

Another factor that bothered me was, I was never quite sure just where a particular action was taking place. Was the CIA quartet that surfaced from time to time located in Langley, on the Afghan border or somewhere in Pakistan? The insertion of a location somewhere on the screen, as is done in American movies when there is a rapid switch of vistas, would have been quite helpful. I also thought that both the music, as well as the sounds produced by the weapons, were too loud. However, all said and done, it was jolly good entertainment and I look forward to Zeba Bakhtiar’s next project. She certainly has the talent.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 12th, 2014. (Artciel By Anwer Mooraj)

Extreme makeovers for Mission 5

Shaan’s upcoming film Mission 5 has evoked the eagerness of his fans. But this time, it’s not just because Shaan will star in the film, but also become he will be writing its screenplay. Produced by Shaan’s Riaz Shahid Films and Shiny Toy Guns, the film will feature the cast in striking avatars, helmed by veteran stylist Nabila.

“The Pakistani film industry is going through a revival and Asadul Haq (owner of Shiny Toy Guns), being a pioneer in this industry, has facilitated this comeback,” Nabila tells The Express Tribune. “We at Nabilas are proud to be closely associated with it and hope to make it grow stronger,” she adds.

Nabila will be giving “extreme makeovers” to the cast next month, something that she hasn’t done before for a film. The looks of the film will be revealed just before it hits the floor. “Someone once told me, if you want to do something different, ask your close friends first. They have known you all your life, so they can help you with your fears and dreams without batting an eyelash,” says Haq. Adding, “Having Nabila on my first feature is part of the same scenario. I have known her all my life and always looked up to her for her aesthetics and style sense.”

Tentatively titled Mission 5, the film is an action thriller intertwined with a love story and is said to have a production budget much higher than any Pakistani film released to date. Bafta-winning Director of Photography Nicholas D Knowland of Jinnah fame will lend his services for the project. And Hollywood actor Farhan Tahir, who starred in Iron Man and Star Trek, will feature as the main antagonist in the film.

As a production house, Shiny Toy Guns aims at being fully integrated, providing something for those who wish to be a part of the entertainment industry. Haq earlier shared the multitude of ways in which aspirants can seek assistance from the company. “It’s not about just directing. It’s about helping you finance, produce, post and, hopefully, distribute your project if needed,” he comments. “My ultimate aim is to take this forward in a way that it helps in exposing individuals to the productive side of the business.”

Published in The Express Tribune, October 22nd, 2014.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Operation 21 - Concept Posters (Designer Omar Aqil)

‘Mai Manto’ will release by the end of this year: Sarmad Khoosat

News of ‘Mai Manto’ being in its final stage had been doing rounds in the entertainment section of newspaper and websites since the beginning of this year. And looks like there was some authenticity in those news snippets because the director himself has announced that the much awaited movie will see a release by December.

Another news which is rife about ‘Mai Manto’ is that a drama will also be aired based on the movie. Director Khoosat who is being very tight lipped about his project told HIP that he doesn't want to go in to details.

However, upon speaking to Saba Qamar, who will be playing the role of Melody Queen Madam Noor Jahan in the movie, it was revealed that the drama will only be made after gauging audience’s response about the movie.

“Manto was a very bold man and his speech and writings were full of prostitutes and cuss words. We want to see if audiences can digest such content. If there is an acceptance for the movie, only then the drama based on it will be aired.”

Speaking further about her role, Qamar elaborates that Manto used to write about Noor Jehan a lot, both bad and good and the legendary singer/actress was a big fan of him because of the element of truth in his writings. Although she found it a daunting task to portray Noor Jehan, Qamar says that she takes immense pride in the role allotted to her.

‘Mein Manto will make you forget Humsafar’

Referring to Khoosat, Qamar says that all the credit for her acting should go to the director only. She also says that Khoosat is working so hard on his role as Manto that at times, she feels like her close friend (Khoosat) has actually turned into Manto.

“Jis tarah us ne mujhe Noor Jahan ki rooh mei dhal diya hai, ussi tarah mujhe Sarmad mei Manto nazar aata hai.”

The killer beauty Qamar lastly says that Mai Manto will be a master piece and Humsafar doesn’t stand a chance in front of it.

“Sarmad ne jo masterpiece bana diya hai na, mai bet kerti hun ke log isko dekh ker Humsafar ko bhool jainge.”

The director of famous drama ‘Humsafar’ Khoosat, who is also playing the character of Manto in this movie, has been inspired with the literary genius since reading his work in 9th standard. However, owing to the near death of reading culture in our country, Khoosat thinks (and correctly so) the new generation doesn’t know much about Manto. This is exactly what his movie aims – to educate today’s youth about Manto’s life, the hardships he faced during the last five years of his life and the writing masterpieces he created during that period.

Written by Shahid Nadeem, the movie’s cast includes Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar, Imran Abbas, Sania Saeed, Hina Khawaja, Savera Nadeem, Nadia Afgan, Nimra Bucha and Adnan Tipu in prominent roles apart from Khoosat himself.

Originally Posted : HIP in PAKISTAN (Written By: Ayesha Ahmed)
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